Member of the Month - January 2019!

Meet Laura Wellington


Hello Tangletown CF! 

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a little more about myself.  I look forward to learning more about each of you...even during the 5:30am classes...don't be shy!

I am an academic family doctor.  I see patients and supervise and teach residents and medical students.  I am a "full-spectrum" family doctor, which means I do clinic work, hospital work and deliver babies.  My job is a BLAST...and really varied.  I live in S Mpls with my husband, Zach, and our 3 kids - Jersey (12), Indy (4) and Ari (1.5).  I am an outdoor enthusiast and an interesting fact about me is that when I was 22, I led a group of five 18- year-old women on a white water canoe trip in the Canadian Arctic for 43 days.  We took a float plane and were dropped in the middle of nowhere and 43 days later ended up on the Arctic Ocean.  A pretty rad trip. 

I joined Tangletown CrossFit this past April and it has REALLY pushed me outside of my comfort zone.  I have been a runner (2 marathons, lots of other races) for a long time and I play ultimate Frisbee and have done a lot of yoga, but weight-lifting and this type of exercise have never been in my wheelhouse. 

Just getting up the courage to join CrossFit was a big challenge for me and I am so grateful that I did.  This community has been so welcoming and I have never felt intimidated to modify or ask how to do something.  I think running 2 marathons (including the Boston Marathon) were some pretty amazing accomplishments for my fitness journey, but that was (waaaaaaaay back) in my twenties so now I'm looking for other challenges and goals that I can achieve.  Enter TTCF.  

A long-term CrossFit goal of mine is to do a pull-up.  I'm not close but I like having something to work towards.  A short-term goal is to keep increasing my box jump height and increasing my squat depth.  CF has given me a lot of confidence in my physical body again.  After having kids, I didn't feel as connected to my body as I felt when I was able to put much more time into physical activities.  I feel that physical confidence growing now that my strength is increasing. 

CF feels like a gift to myself.  That is super cheesy, but it's the truth.  CF gives me space to focus on myself and to REALLY push myself.  Being a mom and a busy physician/educator doesn't leave much time for me.  CF is just for me.  

One piece of advice I have (though I'm still a newbie to CF) is to keep trying everything.  Just last week I was surprised when I blew past my previous PR for cleans.  The work we do on technique, body stability and strength really adds up!  

Thanks, TTCF!  What a great community of uber-strong and inspiring people!!