Member of the Month - March 2019!

Meet Gina Zech!


Meet Gina Zech:

Hi! I'm Gina Zech. I am Sr. Project Manager at UnitedHealth Group. I live with my wife Michelle and our dog Murphy. I eat the same thing for lunch everyday: peanut butter and honey sandwich, cheez its, two cheese sticks, yogurt and sparkling water. I've been at TTCF for 6 years. I started when the gym used to be located by the dollar store on 46th street (now a comic book store). My previous fitness involved playing softball at high school and college level which sometimes involved 6 am bike sprints. When we do 1RM on olympic lifts I have flashbacks to college and think about when we used to do that and cheer each other on. The only difference now is the weight isn't as heavy and I'm having more fun doing it.

My greatest fitness achievement is competing at FreezeFest with Marc Shriver and winning the Mystery Awesome Skills contest, where we had to do armless burpees!

My current fitness goals are to master kipping pull-ups and trying to get more then 2 in a row, to have traps like Lisa Wilson, and being able to lift heavy weights while maintaining perfect eyebrows like Courtney Judd.

One day, I hope to have the confidence to walk around in the same skimpy shorts as Brian Hartney. 

My favorite workouts and exercises involve double-unders. It took me such a long time and many whip marks on the arm to master this movement, however it's such a great way to get a quick blast of cardio without even realizing it. Also, any Olympic lift.

My words of advice to all my fellow TTCF CrossFitters: When working on movements, work on a skill you are good at and one that needs improvement. That way you can get the confidence from the movement you are good at, which will help keep you motivated to work on the movement that maybe a weakness.