Member of the Month - May 2019!

Meet Susan Hunsaker!


Meet Susan Hunsaker:

Hi, I'm Susan! I am in Retail Consulting - working with retailers and manufactures to grow their business.  My clients are all over the US, so I travel quite a bit.  I live near Lake Nokomis with my husband and two kids, son who is 9 and daughter who is almost 7.  Unfortunately for Teresa, she gets to see Hunsakers all the time as my husband does the Masters Swim program with her! 

I have been at TTCF close to four years (I think).  Previously to CrossFit, I was a runner, having completed two marathons, but my knees just don't like running any more.  A friend introduced me to CrossFit and I was hooked. Working with weights is something new that I get from CrossFit, which I never did when I was only running. My greatest achievement in my CrossFit fitness journey is making the mental switch about a year ago from thinking I couldn't lift heavy, to getting out of my own way and actually lifting heavy.  And realizing that in the WOD you don't have to go fast, you can go heavy. 

I still struggle with talking myself out of a heavier weight, but luckily Kristine, Wendy, or Chris Morton are there to yell, I mean encourage me. I always have goals, but not always enough time to work on them!  Mostly the gymnastic moves, as I have zero background there:  Handstand pushups (or at least more than one at a time), DUs, CTB Pull Ups, Rope Climbs, etc. I could continue but would run out of room! 

Something that stuck with me is during a class once, Teresa said "you can't out train a poor diet" as to one reason you can't do a pull up.  That stuck with me because diet is always one of my biggest hurdles.  You guys know I love a good glass of wine or two or four!  It is a constant challenge, but keeping my fitness goals as a reminder helps keep me on track (80% of the time). 

To fellow CrossFitters: My biggest piece of advice is "Stay in your own lane".  Don't compare yourself to others and don't beat yourself up.  Everyone has different strengths, goals, and reasons for being here.