We're here to help

From: The coaches of TTCF
To: All members of TTCF
Subject: We’re here to help.

Dearest TTCF Members,

As coaches, our job is to present the WODs, explain the warm-up, and keep you safe. On a daily basis you’ll hear us assigning rounds, reps, and percentages. You’ll see us demoing basic movements, giving alternatives as needed, and touching base if something really looks funny. We cheer you on, let you know when time is up, and keep you accountable when applicable. We write names on the board, keep the playlist moving, and occasionally take pictures of you in action. That’s our job. And we like it!

We don’t do this job because we like writing on whiteboards and having a really open left hip (we have a tendency to only demo on one side). We like providing you with an opportunity to workout, improve on a weakness, and have a good time.

We do this job because we like helping people. We like helping you. Not because you are the richest, smartest, or best looking (which, of course, you are). We like helping you simply because you chose to be here. You are here to improve yourself in one way or another. And we want to help.

Each and everyone of you is an individual with your own past, unique present, and future plans. Some of you are here just to get a workout. Some of you are trying to avoid pain or improve function. Others are trying to get as jacked as possible.

The funny thing is, from the outside, all of those goals can look the same to a coach.

We can’t tell what you are looking for (or hoping for) based on the weight on the bar. We don’t know if your knee hurts or if your shoulder is bugging you. We can see if you back looks like it’s in line, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t feeling some strain. Your snatch form might look just fine, but we don’t know how it feels or if you care to improve it.

Let us know what you are looking for. Let us know what you are trying to get out of your time here. Let us help.

Not sure how we can help? That’s fine! Just speak up. Ask a question. Let us know what’s going on. Even if the coach you ask doesn’t have the answer, there are 13 others that we can reach out to and get you what you need to know.

Maybe all you want is a good workout and a good time. We’re fine with that, too. Like we said, we’re here to help.


TTCF Coaches