Swim WODs

We offer periodic swimming-focused WODs in partnership with I SWIM. Our swim WODs are outdoors in the summer at Lake Harriet and indoors in the winter at the I SWIM pool at 6545 Flying Cloud Drive in Eden Prairie. Each Swim WOD is an unique blend of CrossFit movements with swimming. The group spends time on swimming technique while warming up. The WODs involve your typical CrossFit movements on deck (or on the beach) using a variety of equipment. Swim WODs are for all levels of swimmers as long as you can successfully complete a 25 yard swim-however you can get it done!

We typically offer swim wods once a month. Check our Facebook page for the next date!

Tangletown CrossFit and I SWIM, LLC are offering a discounted membership to those who belong to both. Discount only applies as long as you are paying memberships to both programs. May not be combined with other discounts.