Partner WOD
alternate every 5 reps
5:00 AMRAP G2OH 135/95 or 115/75
Rest 3:00
alternate every 15 reps
5:00 AMRAP Wall Balls 20/14
Rest 3:00
alternate every 25 reps
5:00 AMRAP DUs












Happy New Year!  There is still time to join the family of more than 2,000 boxes and 40,000 athletes just like you who have already experienced what the Challenge can do for their health, performance, and community.

The Challenge starts January 18th so don’t wait to get started.

About the Challenge

The Resolution Challenge combines nutrition, fitness, and accountability all in a competitive and supportive environment that is proven to produce results. The Challenge provides structure, tools, meal planning, recipes, WODs, education, and the competitive environment you will thrive in!


  • 5-week Challenge starts January 18th

  • Compete as an individual and for your affiliate team

  • Sponsor discounts for everyone

  • Over $40,000 in prizes

  • Includes a 5-week meal plan with weekly shopping lists and meal prep instructions

  • Free Bonus! Community Recipe Book with more than 75 additional recipes

The Resolution Challenge is the perfect way to make 2016 the best year of your life, so click the link to learn more and register today.


Welcome to Tangletown CrossFit

Building a healthy community.


Why Tangletown?

  • Supportive Community
  • Educated and Friendly Coaches
  • Goal Orientated
  • Members of all athletic talents
  • A variety of classes, seminars, and clinics



















Teaching Beginners



Here are some of our beginner athletes learning the high pull and snatch progressions. Our Beginner’s Program features 12 sessions with very talented coaches who teach all the technical movements of CrossFit.

Go to the Getting Started/CrossFit programs page for more information.