Memorial Day Murph

murph1 murph2Memorial Day Murph begins at 8:30am for vest wearing athletes. 9:00am for all others.  Please join us in remembering our fallen service men and women.  You can participate in any way possible.  Individual RX or scaled, partners or small teams.  After our WOD, the community will gather for a BBQ. Brats and hot dogs will be provided.  Please bring a dish to pass and your own drink.  Families should come be part of this celebration.


Snatch Day!
every :90 x 4
3 reps of snatch balance- athlete decides load
every :90 x 3
3 reps of high hang snatch 65-70%
every :90 x 3
1 rep of high hang snatch + 1 rep of hang snatch 70-75%
every :90 x 3
1 rep of hang snatch + 1 rep of snatch 75-80%
every :90 x 3
1 rep of snatch pull + 1 snatch 80-85%

9:00 AMRAP
3 Deadlifts 255/185
6 Sandbag ground to shoulder
12 Hollow rocks


Skill: Front Squat
50% x 5 reps
60% x 3 reps
70% x 2 reps
75% x 1 rep
80% x 1 rep
85% x AMRAP

Every 3:00 for 21:00
2 Muscle ups – sub 4-6 ring dips
5 Snatches 135/95
7 Burpees
*just one round of this every 3:00. Your rest is whatever time you have remaining of the 3:00



Lateral crossover step overs 3 x 24 reps
take the box and step up and cross over the other leg behind to step over-similar to skaters with a box in the middle

Pistol Progressions for 5:00
1. pistol from the lunge position with toe on ground
2. pistol from the lunge position with a flat foot
3. pistol from the lunge position with only knee on ground
Work at your limit for pistols or try the complete pistol

8:00 AMRAP
5 KB squat jumps -KB is held with extended arms, both hands in the center of your body
10 pistols- alternating legs (5 each side)
5 renegade rows 35/20# DB -row left, row right, push up