Back squat 70% x 5 x 6reps

Partner WOD
14:00 AMRAP- accumulate reps as one person walks- switching every 100m
person A. OH Walk with thick PVC and KB hanging from each end- 100m
person B. AMRAP of
12 DB snatches 45/25
10 sit ups
8 push ups



Group warm up

Group warm up



primer to WOD
wall walks and handstand holds

Clean primer
Clean lift offs 5 x 3reps- heavier then last week

4 Rounds every :90
1 x clean
1x hang clean
2 x jerk

6 Rounds
6 Clean & Jerks 125/85
10 Reverse lunges with KBs at sides 52/35
6 Get ups
Rest 1:00