Warm Up:2 sets of... 1:00 row or bike :30 empty bar good mornings :30 empty bar strict press 1:00 lateral hops then... 6:00 EMOM mobility min 1: band assisted perfect stretch :45 one side min 2: banded lat stretch min 3: wrist stretches

Skill: Romanian Deadlift 4 sets of 4 reps @ 50% of best back squat weight *with the feet in the pulling position and holding the bar in a clean grip, the lifter will bend the knees slightly with the trunk vertical-this is the starting and ending position for each rep. Maintaining the slight knee bend throughout the movement, the lifter will est the back in a tight arch and hinge at the hips as far as he or she can without losing any arch in the back. Once the lowest possible point is reached, the lifter will return to standing while maintaining the same slight bend in the knees.

WOD: 10:00 AMRAP 250m row 8 DB Strict press 30-40% of 1rm press 6 Box jump overs 24/20" 12 Russian twists with DB- total amt.