WOD- interval wods provide some rest time but this one has your rest from the rower being manmakers. Give people a few seconds to transition off the DBs and back to the rower. We are still looking for a good push on the rowing so don't use this time to rest.

Every 4:00 for 3 rounds
row 500m/400m
remaining time max reps manmakers 40/25 30/20

*record total manmaker reps*
manmaker = row right + row left + push up + squat clean + press
focus on not opening up on the rowing of the DB- square up the hips. A wider foot stance helps and keeping the core engaged. Also hit the full extension on the clean to the press. That hip drive will help you move your DBs overhead.

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WOD- longer metcon wod. Don't go out too fast and furious in round one. Scale to 3 rounds to make the time cap. The weight on the snatches should allow you to go unbroken when fresh. The snatch deadlift to start each set of hang snatches should look perfect!
Time cap 30:00 (it took me just under 24 so scale to 3 rounds for some)
4 RFT or 3RFT
15 burpee box jumps 24/20"20 cal row
16 hang power snatch 95/65 75/55 55/35
400m run

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07.13.19 Bring a Friend Day -relay wod


20:00 AMRAP
split the class up into three teams
this is a relay against your buddies on the other teams
Order of the relay- waterfall style- no person from behind can pass someone in front
1. sled push to the pylon and pull back to the start line. Sleds should have 15# plate added
2. at the pylon complete 4 sandbag cleans + sandbag carry from the pylon to the fence and back to the pylon. Leave the sandbag there for your teammate.
3. run around the building to the side door by the bikes
4. complete 8 lateral burpees over a parallette- run outside the garage door to tag a teammate or go again.

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