Warm Up;2:00 bike, row, run or jump then.. Tricep opening extensions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NguXImt7Q9I&feature=youtu.be (watch video at 1:30 and on for the tricep exercises) Shoulder opener with PVC on rig x :30 KB single leg RDLs x 8 each side Superhero complex x :20 each position (spiderman + superman)

Skill: Front Squats with a pause 8:00 EMOM every 2:00 4 reps front squat with a :03 pause at bottom No subtle bouncing when initiating the recovery in order to stand more easily.

WOD: Five sets of:img_4576 20 cals on assault bike or rower then pick: C2B pull ups 8-12 reps Pull ups 8-12 reps Ring dips 6-10 reps Bar muscle ups 6-8 reps Ring muscle ups 2-6 reps