Warm Up: 2:00 bike, row, or run :30 DB bent over rows :30 DB strict press :30 DB OH hold :30 rest :30 DB reverse lunges :30 DB bicep curls :30 DB OH hold

then... 5 x deep squat progressions 10x Russian baby makers 10 x wrist pulses

Primer: Jerk Warm up Review: 1. Jerk grip 2. Jerk overhead position 3. Jerk split position

warm up for jerks: 5 x Jump to Split (no weight used) *stand tall with the feet under the hips *bend slightly at the knees only and drive up in a slight jump *keeping your trunk upright, move quickly into the split position to land with equal balance between the feet *adjust the position and balance if needed and hold for :03 *step a third of the split length back with the front foot, then bring the back foot up to meet it

5 x Tall Power Jerk (empty bar) *stand tall with the hands in a jerk-width grip and the bar presses to the top of the forehead with the head back out of the way *lift and plant the feet quickly into the receiving position *as the feet are transitioning, punch against the bar with the arms to push down into quarter-squat depth *move head back and fix the arms into proper overhead position *attempt to lock the bar in the overhead position at the same time the feet reconnect with the ground *hold the receiving position :03 before recovering to standing with bar still overhead

5 x Split Jerk Behind the Neck (empty bar)

WOD: Partner "You Go, I Go" Clean and Jerk ladder one person completes all reps at a weight before partner can start Clean & Jerk 5 reps @ 165/115 95/65 4 reps @ 185/125 115/75 3 reps @ 195/135 135/95 2 reps @ 215/145 155/105 1 rep @ 225/155 175/115

Finisher: Three sets of: Dragon Flag Negatives x 5-6 reps @ 5111 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW-id8HR7qU&feature=youtu.be Tuck Ups x 15 reps L-Sit Flutter Kicks x 20-30 seconds

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