01.20.17- Barbells & Brews Tonight 5pm

barbells-and-brews Warm Up: With a slam ball 6 slam ball cleans 6 ball slams run with ball 2 lengths of the gym 6 burpee ball slams 6 ground to over the shoulder with slam ball shuffle with ball 2 lengths of the gym

Primer: Clean drills 3x mid-hang clean jump 3x mid-hang clean pull 3x tall clean repeat last two drills with weight then..

Skill: Clean Complex- 4 sets. Build load Clean Deadlift with :02 pause at knee + Clean + Front Squat

WOD: 9:00 AMRAP 30 DUs or 90 singles 5 DB Thrusters 35/25 5 Bar muscle ups - sub 3 c2b pull ups + 3 ring dips