Warm Up:Row/Run/Bike 400m 2 rounds 10 x back extensions 10 x DB press 10 x side step ups :30 hollow body hold


Banded Cross Under Lunge 1:00 each side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiG1Cy70shk&feature=youtu.be Banded Straight Leg Iso Raise 1:00 each side- lay on side with top leg raised. Hold

Skill: Pistols- 6 steps to perfect pistols! 1. With a box, press off the foot on the box, other foot on the ground- from the side of box 2. Same as above but press off the heel of the foot on the box. 3. Do a pistol off the side of the box with the one leg hanging- not touching the ground 4. Counter balance pistol- hold a weight out front while you pistol from the ground 5. Band on the rig- get into it like a backpack so the band is under arm pits. Shoulder stay back while you move into a pistol position. 6. Candlestick- or get up into a pistol position. Roll back on the ground and as you roll forward, use that momentum to land into a pistol and stand up.

WOD: 15:00 EMOM min 1: 15/12 cal Assault Bike min 2: DB burpee box step overs 35/25 min 3: Ring dips x 6-8 reps *DB burpees- do your burpee facing the box and grab the DB as you stand up and step over the box with DBs in hand. Then put DB on floor as you start the next burpee