Warm Up:2:00 bike, run or row 10 x bicep curls with DB 10 x skull crushers with DB 2 lengths with DB alligator crawl- in a plank position with DBs in hand, crawl forward, opposite foot and hand move at the same time

Mobility: 15x band pull aparts horizontal 15x band pull aparts overhead 15 prone pvc pass throughs

Primer: 9:00 EMOM min 1: PVC bamboo (thick pvc) Overhead Walk- hang KBs from both sides min 2: Arm chair swings x 10-12 reps min 3: Dynamic ring dips x 5-6 reps-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRVSfdKNgIA&feature=youtu.be

WOD: 6:00 AMRAP 6 x renegade rows- row left, row right, push up 24 x Double Unders - sub 48 singles cash out 1K row for time- compare to 12/2/16