Warm Up:2 rounds of the following: 1:00 jump rope :30 mini-band monster walk 1:00 jumping jacks :30 banded glute bridges :30 clam shells 1:00 Lateral Knee Drive Hops- this is a skater with a knee drive to a hop

then... Single leg Romanian deadlifts with barbell 4 sets of 4 reps each side start with empty bar and build load

12 sets of: *Deadlift x 1 rep @ 65-75% of 1RM Deadlift Rest :30 * this needs to be as explosive as possible during the concentric phase. Squeeze and contract glutes as much as possible for 2 seconds at the lockout before lowering the bar to the ground. WOD: 16:00 AMRAP 10x DB overhead walking lunges right side 45/25 10x DB overhead walking lunges left side 45/25 15 x Sit ups 20 x Box jumps 24/20 35 x DUs or 70 singles