02.14.17 Valentine's Partner WOD

Warm Up2:00 run, walk, bike or row Banded squats x 15 Skaters L+R=1 x 20 Forward Cross crawl x 10 each side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBDuHhXCy9k&feature=youtu.be

Primer: 6:00 EMOM work :45 on each minute min 1: prone single arm hand plank, other arm at side next to the leg min 2: bat wings with DB x 6 reps min 3: hollow hold

Clean Warm Up: 3 reps of each with no weight, then with light weight mid-hang clean jump mid-hang clean pull tall muscle clean tall clean front squat

WOD: Partner Up Partner A: 30 cal row + 30 HSPU Partner B: 6 squat cleans 165/115 4 squat cleans 185/125 2 squat cleans 205/145 Partner B: 20 cal row + 20 HSPU Partner A: 6 squats cleans 125/85 4 squat cleans 135/95 2 squat cleans 155/115

*partner A needs to finish all the rowing and HSPU before partner B can start the cleans then partner B moves from cleans to the rowing and needs to complete all rowing and HSPU before partner A can do the cleans