Warm Up:10:00 steady pace 250m row 4 push ups 10 skaters- 5 each leg 12 v-ups

Mobility: 1:30 Deadbug hold :45 Clam shell hold each side :30 Cross under lunge each side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1Va10wEJA0& :30 Fire hydrant hold each side

Primer: 3 sets of 3 reps tall jerk + 3 reps push jerk behind the neck *performed with little to no weight- focus on technique

tall jerk: begin standing tall in the drive position, the hands in a jerk-width grip, and the bar pressed to the top of the forehead with the head back out of the way. Lift and plant the feet quickly into the power receiving position. As the feet are transitioning, punch against the bar with the arms to push down into quarter-squat depth. Move the head back through the arms and fix the bar in the proper overhead position forcefully. Attempt to lock the bar in the overhead position at the same time the feet reconnect with the ground. Hold receiving position for 3 seconds before recovering to standing with the bar still overhead.

WOD 30 cal bike or row Front squat x 3 + 1 Jerk @ 60% 1rm jerk 20 cal bike or row FS x 2 + 1 Jerk @70% 10 cal bike or row FS x 2 + 1 Jerk @75% 20 cal bike or row FS x 2 + 1 Jerk @ 80% 30 cal bike or row FS x 2 + 1 Jerk @ 85%