03.29.17 Shuttle Run Grace

Warm Up:2:00 run/bike/row A/B/C skips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTJLIRLMEUo One foot hops x 20m per leg Charlie's angels drill x 2 lengths- run with arms extended like a Charlie's angel pointing gun at one spot. The goal is to keep your core engaged as you run so we avoid swaying from side to side and not allowing our arms to rotate across our body excessively.

Proper Push Up Form- focus day 1- Elbows back Perform positives- push from the floor to top position slowly and reset x 6

Primer: 3-5 reps of mid-hang clean jump mid-hang clean pull mid-hang muscle clean

then... 4 sets of... mid-hang clean + push press mid-hang clean + split jerk clean

build load over the 4

WOD: Shuttle Run Grace 5 RFT 6 clean & jerks 135/95 4x shuttle run 50m each length