Warm Up6:00 EMOM min 1: jump rope- mix up jumps- singles, doubles, running, single foot min 2: hollow rocks x 10-14 reps

Mobility: banded lat stretch x :30 each side Thoracic Spine stretch with band- Get into the band like you are doing a banded good morning. Then take the band and tuck in under the armpits so the band lays on your thoracic spine- flat across your back. Grab the rig with both hands, hinge at hips and lower your chest and head to feel the stretch in the upper back and shoulder area. Hold for :45 Banded bully stretch- attach a band to the pull up bar. Slide arm through the band so the band is tucked under the armpit. Then take your arm in band and place it behind your back, like a bully is holding you in this position! Stretch through the shoulder x :40 each side

Mini-bands: 10 reps each squats clam shells hip bridges straight leg raises

Skill: Back squats and Good mornings 3 sets of 10 reps @ 53% then.. good mornings 5 reps @ 20% of back squat 1RM 2 sets of 5 reps @ 23%

WOD: 10:00 EMOM odds= 40 DUS or :40 practice attempts evens= handstand hold for :45 then... 5:00 EMOM 3 Bar Muscle ups or 3 strict press at 75% 200m run -fence and back