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Warm Up: 7:00 running clock 200m run or row 10 ball slams kip & cadence complex: 2 beat swings (kips) + 2 tuck ups (knees to chest) + 2 TTB with straight legs

Mobility: T-Spine Pulse on Bench x 60 seconds

and then . . .

Ankle Pulse x 15 pulses per side

and then . . .

Banded Perfect Stretch x 60 seconds per side

and then . . .

Two sets of: Banded Monster Walk x 20 reps Banded Lateral Walk x 20 reps *Do not rest during the set of banded walks Hawaiin Squats x 6 reps per side

Skill: narrow grip overhead squats- this is to work on mobility in the OH position 2-3 reps at light weight for 3 sets

Skill: snatch 3 sets of snatch balance build load from where you left off on the narrow grip OHS. Then... High hang snatch x 3 reps for 3 sets @60% Then High hang snatch + hang snatch x 3 sets @65%

WOD: 4 RFT 25 DUs or 3x singles 10 TTB 8 HSPU sub hanging knee raises and downward dog push ups