06.05.17- PowerDot demo after the 5:30pm class

Warm Up:Foam roll thoracic- give yourself a big hug and roll Med ball thoracic opener- lay MB on thoracic spine and grab a PVC with a jerk grip. Hold 2 Rounds: 1:00 Light Row 4 Samson Stretch Lunges (5 second hold in each) 8 Alternating Spiderman and Reach 12 Russian Baby Makers

Skill: ring muscle ups Ring MU reverse pull warm up Straight body with reverse pull x 15 Bend to straight reverse pull x 15 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZeFu58ck8g&index=7& then... Snap Pull x 15 Snap Pull with Small Backswing x 10 Pop Swing x 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaIGWljKqHc&index=18& then.. try the ring muscle up *If not ready for muscle ups, then athletes should practice strict pull ups and strict ring dips. Scap pull ups x 3-5 reps for 2 sets Pull up negatives x 3-5 reps for 2 sets then transition to rope climbing foot position Primer 3rounds not timed :15 L-sit hold off pull up bar 20 glute bridges with mini-band 25 band pull aparts

WOD: 10 RFT Run 200m 1 rope climb or ring muscle up