06.23.17 Narf

Warm Up:500 Meter Row (slow) or 15 Calorie Bike (slow) into… 3 Rounds: :20 second Samson Stretch each side (Video) :20 seconds AbMat Sit-Ups :20 seconds Air Squats 5 Scap Retractions off pull-up bar

Mobility: Ankle stretches Banded hip flexor stretch x :40 each side foam roll quads and hamstrings Couch stretch x 1:00 each side

Primer 8:00 EMOM odds- :40 accumulate max plank ball pops evens- :40 accumulate max alternating pistols

WOD: Narf 21-15-9 pull ups thrusters 95/65 *has to be in this order

Odd- Object practice: 4 sets of 30 second AHAP KB farmer carry hold- heavy KB in each arm just holding still 10 alternating hammer strikes- 5 each side