Warm Up:2:00 row or run 10 wall facing squats 10 hollow rocks + :20 hollow hold 8 spiderman stretch + reach 4 deep squat progressions with barbell

Mobility: banded air squats x 15 banded clam shells x 10 each side monster walks x 15 lateral walks x 15

Primer: Bulgarian split squats 4 sets of 15 reps each leg at the same weight as 6/7/17


Skill: 3 position snatch -all these should be squat snatch working at 65-75% 1RM Every 90 seconds for 9:00 1x snatch from the power position (high hang) 1x snatch from the knee (hang) 1x snatch from the floor

WOD: 8:00 AMRAP DB power cleans x 8 50/35# DB push press x 8 Box jumps x 8