Warm Up:2:00 row or bike Then 2 easy rounds of: 10 lateral med ball throws to a partner 14 plank ball pops 10 good mornings with empty bar 5 muscle cleans from the shin

Primer: Odd mins: Sumo Deadlift x 5 reps @ 70-75% 1RM DL Even mins: Kneeling get ups with MB x 10 reps total

Clean Warm Up 3 reps @ empty bar then 3 reps @ light weight clean grip stiff-legged DL clean pull from mid-thigh muscle clean from hang power clean from hang

WOD: 14:00 AMRAP 100m sled drag with 3/2 plates added to sled 11 hang power cleans 135/95 100m sandbag carry 11 lateral hops over bar