Warm Up:2 rounds with light KB 10 around the worlds each direction- circle the KB around your body clockwise then counter clockwise 10 single arm KB swings each side 5 KB presses right side 25ft. waiter carry with KB each side 5 KB presses left side 15 goblet squats

ABS: 2 Rounds Hold a right side plank for :30 Hold a left side plank for :30 Rest :30 Choppers with KB used in warm up x 10 each side - take the weight from up high on one side and swing it down to the opposite side with legs in a squat stance. Then return the weight back across the body to the starting position. Rest :30

WOD: For Time 1000m row 200m Farmer Carry 72/53 KB each hand 50 Sit ups 25 Ball slams 30/20 10 Strict pull ups