Warm Up:4 rounds Row/bike :40 building effort each round 8 Pushups 8 AbMat Sit-Ups 8 PVC Overhead Squats then... 2 rounds MB hamstring curls x 5 reps Keeping the mid line braced, drive the hips up toward the ceiling by engaging the glutes and hamstrings. From here, extend the feet out and then roll them back to the start position while maintaining contact with the medicine ball. Back extensions x 10 reps Band pull aparts x 15 reps


Skill: Front squats 9:00 EMOM 3 reps front squat @65-70%

WOD For Time 30 cal row 30 bar facing burpees 30 hang power cleans 135/95 115/75 95/65

Post WOD: if time 100m sled pull x 3 building load

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