Warm Up:Foam roll thoracic x 1:00 Foam roll lats x 1:00 4 Position wrist stretches x :30 then.. 2 sets of shoulder opener with 2.5# plates or DBs 5 Curls palms facing up 5 Curls thumbs up 5 raises palms facing up 5 raises thumbs facing up Make sure you engage the pecs and short head of the biceps as well as the lats The key points are: Hands at the same level as the ears Elbows and shoulders in the same line DO NOT SHRUG


Skill: strict press 3 reps@ 50% 2 reps@ 60% 2 reps@ 70% 1 rep @ 80% 1 rep @ 90% 1 rep @ 95+%

Option 1: Ring Dip Progression 5:00 1. Slow (3-4 seconds) and assistance on the way up and down. Gradually use your legs less to make it more difficult. 2. Slow (3-4 seconds) and no assistance on the way down. Assistance on the way up. 3. Slow (3-4 seconds) and no assistance on the way down with 1-3 second pause at the bottom before using your legs to help you get back up. 4. Normal pace down (1-2 seconds) and back up with no assistance. 5. Body weight dip + weight only if you can do 5 strict body weight dips.

Option 2: Bar Muscle Up Progression 5:00 1. Target toe taps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epxce89h6zk&feature=youtu.be 2. Air chair swings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6tykvBN834&feature=youtu.be 3. Box jump up to support hold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8-zmW_WM2E&feature=youtu.be

WOD For time: 9-7-5 Thrusters Bar Muscle-Ups

RX: 135/95 lbs Scaled +: 115/75 lbs; 7-5-3 Bar Muscle-Ups Scaled: 95/65 lbs; 9-7-5 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups or Ring dips

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