09.20.17 Snake Bite

Important Dates to Remember

September 24th K9 Max hero Dog WOD 9am

September 30th Snatch clinic 2-4pm

October 7th Clean & Jerk clinic 2-4pm

October 28th Barbells for Boobs 9-11am




Warm Up: 2:00 bike/row/run then 2 sets of: 1st time with PVC, 2nd time with empty barbell 10 OHS 5 muscle snatches 5 snatch grip behind the neck presses 5 tall snatches 5 snatch grip stiff-legged DL

Mobility: 20 banded squats- slowly 20 banded clam shells (10each side) 20 banded glute bridges Ankles stretches 1:00 Lat stretches 1:00

Skill:pistols and their progressions Today is Option A: behind- 2 styles (foot down or foot wrap) see video on cfgymnastics instgram both styles require less ankle flexion because leg is behind your body instead of in front 1. start with foot down and successfully balance for 10 pistols on each leg. 2. then try the foot wrap. goal is low and balanced. Try 10 each leg

Skill: OHS finding our 1 RM or today's heavy 5 reps @ 55-60% 4 reps @ 65-70% 3 reps @ 75% 1 rep @80% 1 rep @90% 1 rep @95+% 1 rep @ new heavy

WOD: Snake Bite 21-15-9 squat snatches 95/65 or 75/55 or 55/35 C2B pull ups- sub pull ups or ring rows