Important Dates to Remember

September 24th K9 Max hero Dog WOD 9am

September 30th Snatch clinic 2-4pm

October 7th Clean & Jerk clinic 2-4pm

October 28th Barbells for Boobs 9-11am

Make up Strength/Skill

WOD Teams of 4

20 Power snatch 135/85- 2 people on the team each do 20 reps

20 Power snatch 95/65- other 2 teammates each do 20 reps

40 Burpee box jump overs- relay style (40 reps total as a team)

2400m Run- 1 teammate running at a time. All 4 teammates need to run some portion.

80 Sit ups- relay style (80 reps total as a team)

20 OHS 135/85- same as snatches

20 OHS 95/65- same as snatches

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