09.27.17 Cardio Bear Complex

Warm Up:3:00 row/run/bike One set of: Prone PVC Pipe Pass Thrus x 10 reps Band Distracted Hip Flexor Stretch x 60 seconds per side

and finish with . . .

Three sets of: Incline Push-Ups x 15 reps Deep Squat Progression x 5 reps Elbow Plank x 60 seconds

Mobility: Overhead Barbell underarm stretch x :30 each grip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uth3sao1ykM&index=13 4 Position Wrist Stretch x :30 each


WOD 3 Bear complexes 115/75 95/65 Row 500m 3 Bear complexes 135/95 115/75 Run 400m 3 Bear complexes 155/105 135/85 Assault bike 20/18 cals

The Bear Complex is: 1 power clean 1 front squat 1 push press or jerk 1 back squat (if you don't like to put the bar on the neck, sub front squat here) 1 push press or jerk

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