IMG_1862 Warm Up: 2 rounds as a group 1 x agility ladder bear crawl the rest of the length of the gym after the ladder 8 Russian baby makers Sampson stretch back to the agility ladder 1 x agility ladder :30 squat hold

Skill: DB bench press- 45/35 or 40/25 5 sets of 4 reps- lower DB slowly and pause :03 at bottom- explode back up

WOD: 1K row 20 burpees over a sandbag 300m sandbag carry- bear hug the bag- go out right from the garage door and enter in the front 20 burpees over a sandbag

Mid-line Stabilization- if time (1-2 rounds) :30 hollow hold :30 flutter kick roll to front :30 superman hold :30 flutter kick :60 rest