Warm Up:1 length of the gym forward bear crawl- elbow to knee, up on the toes kind of crawl Russian baby makers x 10 MB hamstring curls x 10 - slow eccentric 1 length of the gym high knee skip Seated low banded row x 20 1 length of the gym reverse bear crawl- knee to elbow and up on toes

Mobility: Banded lat stretch x 1:00 each side Frog pose 2:00 hold- Walk the knees out to the sides as wide as comfortable. Bring the ankles directly behind the knees with the feet turned out towards the side walls. Bring the elbows and forearms on to the floor. Slowly exhale pressing the hips towards the back wall until you feel a deep stretch in the hips and inner thighs.

Clean warm up: 2 sets of 5 reps of each exercise. 1st empty bar, then no more than 95/65 5 clean grip RDLs 5 clean high pulls 5 muscle cleans 5 front squats 5 clean grip push press 5 tall cleans 5 hang power cleans 5 cleans below the knee

WOD 20:00 E2M- every 2:00 2 squat cleans start at 65% 1 RM and add weight each set