barmu Warm Up: 200m row 2 lengths of the gym waiter walk with KB 200m row single arm DB rows x 8 each side DB muscle snatch x 8 each side pass thrus with PVC x 20

mobility EMOM 6:00 1. thoracic rotations x 6 each side 2. ring MU reverse pull warm up x 10 with purple band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZeFu58ck8g&list 3. hollow rocks x 20 reps

Skill: bar muscle up swings: x 4 at each teaching point

Bar Muscle up Focus 1. Feet stay in front of the bar 2. Center of mass back behind the bar when you initiate the muscle up 3. Straight arms

WOD: 8:00 AMRAP 30 DUs or 60 singles 14 DB snatches 45/35 3 Bar muscle ups or 3 strict pull ups