10.21.16- Swim WOD this Sunday at 10:30am

  Warm Up: Rowling: try 6 times to row a perfect 100m. Any over or under is x2 burpees Three sets of: Band Distracted Perfect Stretch x 45 seconds per side Shoulder Opener x 30 seconds of pulses Band Assisted Anterior Pec Stretch x 30 seconds per side Primer: kettle bell SDLHP work on explosive hip drive 5 sets of 8 reps build load **in between sets do banded clam shells and lateral monster walks x 6-8 reps

10:00 coach led instruction on movements in WOD

WOD: 21-15-9IMG_3751 KB swings 52/35 Ring rows- legs should be straight at all times then 15-12-9 Power snatches 95/65 Knees to elbows or hanging knee raises then 9-6-3 HSPU or pike push ups on box DL 135/95