Barbells for Boobs event this Saturday

Warm up starts at 8:30am.  Athlete briefing at 9am. 

If you like, bring some food to share!  Enjoy the community.  Raffle prizes after wod.

Warm Up: Row 250m 20 low banded rows 10 scap pull ups 5 kip swings Row 250m 20 banded tricep extensions 10 spidermans + reach 5 Russian baby makers


Mobility banded scarecrow stretch x 1:30 foam roll quads, adductors, and hamstrings x 3:00 (total)


Skill: most needed gymnastics skill- work on drills ideas: muscle ups (bar or ring), pull ups, ring dips, handstands, pistols, push ups

6:00 EMOM reps of gymnastics skill in full movement set a goal for each minute

Primer: 10 banded glute bridges- work eccentric movement 10 slow front squats- empty bar 10 push press- empty bar 5 each side banded clam shells 10 clusters- empty bar

WOD 15-12-9 clusters 115/75 pull ups 30-24-18 DUs