Warm Up:Dynamic warm up for 3:00 led by coach 5x ring dips 5 x swings on bar 10 x band pull aparts both overhead and horizontal 5x inchworms 10 x ball slams

Coach hollow hold form 4 sets of :20 hollow hold perfect form :40 rest

Teach MU from a kneeling position with low rings. keep toes on the ground while pulling rings to the sternum. keep rings in tight and close. spread rings apart so that your shoulders and head move through and the rings are below the armpits. then take toes off the ground and dip out to locked arms. descend back to the dip position. toes back on the ground and rings move back to the sternum and you finish with kneeling on the floor.

WOD: 3RFT 3 ring muscle ups or 3 strict ring mu progressions from the floor 10 shoulder to overhead 135/95 or 115/75 25 wall balls 20/14IMG_2843