Warm Up:Circle of Trust Each person calls out a movement to do for 10 reps

6:00 EMOM shoulder opener on racked bar x:40 banded good mornings x 15 reps iron cross/scorpions on the floor x 10 reps each

Primer: 6 reps each side DB bent rows 12 reps DB sumo DL 6 reps each side DB strict press

WOD: 7 RFT 7 SDLHP with KB 72/53 7 Goblet squats 72/53 7 Push jerks with DBs 45/30 *for new members I want this to be 5 rounds of 5 reps each and the squats are air squats and the load should be scaled to 52/35 for KB and 25/15 for DB