Warm Up2 Rounds: 1:30 Light Row or Bike 5 Hand-Release push ups 10 Slow Air Squats :30s Single leg RDLs - one side per round- keep other foot on ground behind

2 Rounds: 1:30 Light Bike or Row 5 Wall Squats 10 Banded Good Mornings

Primer: 9:00 EMOM min 1: hollow banded pulls x 15-20 reps use a light band. Tie to the rig- lay on a bench- reach back to band with straight arms, no slack in the band. Hit the hollow position on the bench (scale to a tuck position) and pull the band with straight arms down to the hips. key points: 1. don't let shoulders drop every time you bring band back behind you- stay in hollow position. 2. go to scaled if you get tired 3. pull with straight arms 4. more resistance move further away from the band min 2: supermans x 15-20 reps min 3: sumo squat hold x :45- hold in a passive squat

Demo and practice TTB with the kip cadence complex 2 kip swings 2 knees to chest swing 2 TTB


WOD 10:00 AMRAP 2 Sandbag cleans 2 TTB 4 Sandbag clean 4 TTB 6 SB cleans 6 TTB keep adding 2 reps until time expires