IMG_4388 Warm Up: 200m row 2 lengths of the gym waiter walk with KB 200m row single arm DB rows x 8 each side DB muscle snatch x 8 each side pass thrus with PVC x 20

mobility 1. thoracic rotations x 6 each side https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAT73xiPy4Y&index=30&list=PLp0qJBUYU1zv0t4mQkVBPMn-arOc1bhRa 2. ring MU reverse pull warm up x 10 with purple band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZeFu58ck8g&list 3. hollow rocks x 20 reps Skill: Pause snatch- 4 sets- build load focus on strong back constant pressure in the fee shoulders over the bar

1. pause at shin + high pull 2. pause at knee + high pull 3. pause above knee + high pull 4. pause mid thigh + high pull

Skill: 10:00 EMOM snatch 1 rep squat snatch- build load only if snatch is perfect

WOD: 6:00 AMRAP 1 x TTB 1 x Box jump 24/20 2x TTB 2x Box jump continue building reps until time is up