Warm Up8:00 easy pace 250m row or 1:00 bike 5 inchworms with a hollow position and push up 5 tuck jumps 10 hollow banded pulls on a bench- tie a light band on the rig. Lay on a bench with no slack in the band grab it with arms extended. Shoulders down and press to the hips- hold the hollow position.

Primer: With a partner- band squats: warp a resistance band behind the ahtlete's knees and cross it in front. Pull on the ends of the bands to collapse the knees in and pull them forward. Instruct your partner to push out against the band while performing the squat. The band will help activate the stabilizing muscles in the hip, allowing for greater range of motion. Each athlete should do 5-8 squats

Skill: back squats 5 reps pause at bottom for 2 seconds @ 50% 3 reps @60-65% 1 rep @70-75% then... E2M 6:00 (3 sets) 3 reps back squat @ 80-85%

WOD 4RFT 10 Thursters 95/65 30 DUs or 60 singles 5 Strict pull ups- no bands on these- scale to toe tap pull ups for a racked bar or 8 ring rows where the athlete needs to press down and then ring row