Warm Up:DB shoulder press. Start with DB on shoulders. Press to full lockout overhead. DB touch at the lockout. 8-10 reps

Russian Step Ups with DB- single leg explosive movement. When you step up the one foot steps on the side of the box, other knee comes up to 90 dregrees and then returns to the floor. 8-10 reps

Strict Toes to Bar 4-8 reps

Primer: 3 sets of: Banded glute bridges x 10 Banded squats x 10

Skill: Clean Drills with empty bar A. Mid-hang clean jump: start with the mid-hang position with the weight properly balanced over the front edge of the heel. With no counter movement, jump vertically as high as possible. Keep the bar in light contact with the body throughout the movement. 3 sets of 3 reps

B. Mid-hang clean pull: start with the mid-hang position. Push against the ground aggressively with the legs, using the lats and shoulders to keep the bar in immediate proximity to the thighs. Reach the final extended position with the legs vertical and the shoulders lightly behind the hips. Actively push the bar back into light contact with the hips. Shrug the shoulders up to allow the bar to continue traveling momentarily with out swinging forward. Do not prolong this extended position. 3 sets of 3 reps

C. Tall Clean: begin standing tall. Simultaneously lift and move the feet into the receiving position and pull the elbows up and out, then turn the bar over into the clean rack position to move down into a squat. Secure the bar in the rack position at the same time the feet reconnect flat with the floor. Recover to standing by leading with the head, shoulders, and elbows. 3 sets of 3 reps

WOD: 5 rounds 3:00 work 500m row squat cleans with the remaining time @ 75% 1 RM Rest 2:00