Warm Up:

EMOM x 9 mins 

1st - 10 (5 each side) squats with KB single side front rack hold

2nd - 10 Lateral Band Walks - KB goblet Hold 

3rd - 20 Russian Twists (10/side) 


Ankle stretch on a box or plate x :30 each side
Squat hold with plate in hands x :45-:60
Lat stretch x :30 each side

Skill:  front squat
Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Front Squat x 3 reps

*Sets 1-2 @ 70%
*Sets 3-4 @ 75%
*Set 5 @ 80%

and then …

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes, complete (6 sets):
Clean Lift-Off + Clean + Jerk     https://www.catalystathletics.com/exercise/368/Clean-Lift-off/

*Sets 1-2 @ 75%
*Sets 3-4 @ 80%
*Sets 5-6 @ 85%


2 Rounds, Not for Time:
100 Meter Kettlebell Walk*
100 Meter Sled Drag
20 Weighted AbMat Sit-Ups

Kettlebell Walk – Two kettlebells of the same load. At the start of the walk, hold one kettlebell at the front rack, and one locked out overhead. Every 25 meters, alternate. Lighter is better here to focus on a solid midline and sound extension overhead.

Sled Drag – Good to go heavy here and challenge ourselves. The 100 meters doesn’t have to be unbroken, but we need to be able to complete the distance with at most two quick breaks per round. Heavy and challenging, but we can always move forward. Free to build across the two rounds.

Weighted AbMat Sit-Ups – Feet anchored. Athlete’s choice to hold a plate, or a dumbbell across the chest. Aim is to have these 20 repetitions unbroken each time.