Warm Up

Run, row or bike 400m
6 broad jumps
5 each side single arm KB front racked squats
Run, row or bike 300m
6 broad jumps
5 each side single arm KB front racked squats


Kneeling hollow position overhead band pull 3 sets of 15 reps

1. Grab a thin band
2. Set body up in hollow position (I had to get on knees bc my rig is not too tall)
- We want to reiterate muscle memory in everything we do! That includes a good hollow position when stretching/warming up.
3. With elbows fully locked out grab band shoulder width but have some tension on band between hands.
4. Pull in a straight line to create a triangle with the band

90/90 hinges: 6-8 reps each side
 How it’s done.
✔️Sit in 90/90 position: 90 degree angle at the front and back knee.
✔️Crush the floor with your front knee so it doesn’t lift.
✔️Push up on your big toe of the back foot, open up the knee and swivel the heel underneath you.
✔️Keep opening the hips as much as you physically can with all your effort.
✔️Return the leg to start position and repeat for desired reps.

Skill: Pause back squats
4 sets of 5 reps building in load- start at a comfortable lighter weight
pause for :03 at the bottom of the back squat
drive the knees out and hips forward to stand

Barbell warm up for cleans- 3 reps each
muscle clean
high hang power clean
hang power clean
push press

4 RFT or scale to 3 RFT
15 HSPU scale to piked hspu from a box or the floor
20 Air squats
15 TTB or hanging knee raises where you can swing or tuck ups on the ground
20 hang power cleans 95/65