Warm Up

3 reps KB Deadlift + Cook Squat x 5
Lateral Box Step Ups x 5 each way
Single Arm Down Dog x 5 each
 Push Up Position Leg Swing x 5 each
Transverse Plane KB Swing x 10 each side
Bottoms Up Carry x 40m each arm
Prone T + Y + Angel x 5 + 5 + 5
Turkish Get Up (bottoms up) x 2 each side


Mobility for ankles:
1. Elevated heel squat with an extended plate- hold for 30 seconds and do 3-5 reps
With your feet grabbing the side of a plate and big toes jammed into the ground, hold another plate in front of your body as you sink into a deep bodyweight squat (this can be as light as a 25 lb or 10 kg plate held in front). Keep your core braced as you squat as deep as you can with your upper body as upright as possible. Don’t sit your hips back but instead pull your hips and knees forward as far as possible while maintaining a balanced foot position.

2. Support Squat Hold- hold for 30 seconds and do 3-5 reps
 Stand about a foot away from a rack or rig with your feet in a straight forward position slightly outside of shoulder width (this width may be a little exaggerated for some but that’s the goal). With your core braced squat as low as you can and pull your hips forward. This should bring out a good stretch in your groin/hips.

Skill: back squat
8s- 60ish%
3 and 2 reps- heavy 85+%

For Time
40' DB front rack lunges
20 DB squat cleans
40' DB front rack lunges
RX- 50/35
Scaled- 35/20