Warm Up
2 rounds
Row/Run 200m
10 up and over a band across the rig or a PVC across the rig

10 deadbugs
10 slow to fast air squats
25 feet perfect stretch walk
25 feet crab walk

Mobility: https://www.instagram.com/p/BszDWN-gb0S/

1. Rocking ankle stretch 8-10 reps each side
2. Wide stance rocking 8-10 reps
3. Heel sit T- spine rotations 8-10 reps each side
4. Squat prying 15 second hold with KB then stand up x 3 sets
5. Deep squat wall slides 8-10 reps

box stretch with PVC x 45 seconds
wrist stretches

Clean Warm Up
5 reps tall jerks- barbell starts at the forehead

5 reps jerk balance- start in the split position and move the front foot back 3/4 of the way and then split jerk

Skill: push jerk or split jerk

10:00 EMOM
1 jerk
set 1-3 70-73-76%
set 4-10 build to a heavy single

For Time
25 cal bike
50 sit ups
50 walking lunges
50 KB swings 53/35
25 cal row

Mobility for the week:
Saddle pose 3:00
Lizard pose 2:00/side
Child's pose with shoulder variation 2:00
Twisted cross pose 1:00/side