Warm Up
2 rounds

9/6 cals row or bike
10 x slower down, faster up tempo air squats
10 x thoracic rotations each side https://vimeo.com/232531289
10 x nerve flossing https://vimeo.com/127208120

Mobility: shoulders- tight???
1️⃣Foam roll lats x 60 seconds per side
2️⃣Straight arm bench extensions x 8
3️⃣Deep squat on wall pullovers x 8
4️⃣Angled barbell press to overhead glide x 8

**angled barbell should be put in a corner of a squat rack**

Wrist stretches https://www.instagram.com/p/BmL8lWMHc4Q/
 20sec at each
1. “Elbow Pit” rotation w. fingers forward
2. Side to Side rock with fingers facing out
3. Back & Forth rock with fingers facing knees
4. Reverse Palm rock front to back

Skill: press

DB strict press- single arm- you can hold one DB in the rack position and press the other. Each set is total reps listed. Build load if you like. In between sets of presses, complete 10 sit ups and 10 banded pull aparts.

WOD- the weight today is very manageable to keep these sets unbroken. Try not to use the row as a recover. It's only 200 meters. Push past the uncomfortable feeling there and take a few breaths before picking up the barbell.

For Time
200m row, 21 front squats
200m row, 21 push press
200m row, 15 front squats
200m row, 15 push press
200m row, 9 front squats
200m row, 9 push press
barbell RX- 115/80
            scaled- 95/65