Warm Up
200m run
15 KB swings
200m run
10/side KB press
200m run
10 slow goblet squats

Line Drills for Warm Up

1.inchworm with hollow position push up straddle inchworm- move weight mostly to shoulders and then toe tap or toe drag up to your hands https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NScMw2uXBOc (this video shows the idea but I would like the legs wide in a straddle position and then either drag your feet to your hands or some will have to tap the toes as the move them back to the hands.)
2. bear walk- hide ears with arms
3. crab walk both directions
4. lunge with arms OH
5. Walk on toes/ heels

Gymnastics conditioning:
10x1 pull-up negative
:08 - :12sec (scale as needed)
When working negative you may get to the top however needed, including stepping. While descending though, keep hands on top, body hollow and elbows tight.


A. Lying on your back, jam your shoulder blades into the floor, lift arms with a slight angle overhead- thumbs pointing up. Shoulder blades stay pinned to the ground. 5-10 reps

B. Tuck your thumb into a fist and reach overhead again. 5-10 reps

C. If those two were easy, try palms facing up, straight arms overhead until hands reach the floor . Keep core braced and ribs down. 5-10 reps

skill: jerks- split or push


10:00 AMRAP
10 single arm KB thrusters (R) 53/35 35/26
6/4 strict pull ups (6-men/4-women) or tempo banded pull ups
10 single arm KB thrusters (L)
6/4 strict pull ups