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100m reverse sled pull with 1-2 plates added to sled
200m farmer carry 53/35
400m run

Cool Down
Workout 6


Foam Roll: 2 minutes each quad

3 rounds for quality:
Alternating Dead Bug: x 10 with straight leg if capable, hold for a breath cycle at bottom
Alternating Groiners: x 10
Cat Camel + Rock Back: x 10

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Station One: 3:00 AMRAP
sandbag over the bar- bar should be about sternum height 100/80/70/50- Rogue or wreck bags

Rest 1:00

Station Two: 3:00 AMRAP
Tire flips for reps

Rest 1:00

Station Three: 3:00 AMMAP (as many meters as possible)

Farmer Carry for distance 53/35 KBs or DBs each hand

Rest 1:00

Station Four: 3:00 AMRAP
Hammer strikes for reps- striking the largest tire only

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WOD- just grind out this wod today. Move with purpose and good form. 50m carries are to the pylons and back. Farmer carry is two KBs at your sides and cross body is one KB in the front rack position while the other KB is at your side. Switch KB positions at the pylon.

20:00 AMRAP
Farmer carry 50m 53/35 KBs
10 suitcase deadlifts/ side- one Heavier KB
Cross body carry- one racked KB, one farmer carry KB 50m (switch KB position at 25m) 53/35 KB
10 kipping pull ups/6 strict pull ups/6 really tough ring rows
60 second wall sit

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10:00 AMRAP
5 DB burpee deadlifts - perform the burpee and deadlift the DB on the way up instead of jump
5 DB front rack squats
5 DB push press
50' front rack carry
50' farmer carry
35/20 20/15 *pick the weight to be something you can do a full round unbroken

Post WOD
3 sets not for time
18 banded good mornings
15 4- count flutter kicks
12 glute bridges - either banded or feet elevated on box

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