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10:00 AMRAP
5 DB burpee deadlifts - perform the burpee and deadlift the DB on the way up instead of jump
5 DB front rack squats
5 DB push press
50' front rack carry
50' farmer carry
35/20 20/15 *pick the weight to be something you can do a full round unbroken

Post WOD
3 sets not for time
18 banded good mornings
15 4- count flutter kicks
12 glute bridges - either banded or feet elevated on box

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06.08.19 Partner

20:00 AMRAP
partner A: completes 400m run
                                        100m sled pull - 2/1 plate added to sled to keep sled moving
                                        50m farmer carry with DBs 50/35 35/20
partner B: accumulates rounds of
                                         4 power cleans 135/95 115/75 95/65

                                        12 burpees

                                          6 HSPU- strict, kip, piked from a box or seated KB press
Switch when part A is complete

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