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WOD- longer metcon wod. Don't go out too fast and furious in round one. Scale to 3 rounds to make the time cap. The weight on the snatches should allow you to go unbroken when fresh. The snatch deadlift to start each set of hang snatches should look perfect!
Time cap 30:00 (it took me just under 24 so scale to 3 rounds for some)
4 RFT or 3RFT
15 burpee box jumps 24/20"20 cal row
16 hang power snatch 95/65 75/55 55/35
400m run

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WOD- heavy wod which should be slowed down to grind it out.
50' sled rope pull - add 3 plates to little sleds (the rope is 10 feet long)
6 KB goblet squats
25 KB swings- Russian
150' (5 sections of concrete out and back) single arm KB farmer carry- 75 feet each arm
*KB weight RX 70/53, scaled 53,35

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