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sled push x 90 feet - 45 feet out and back- moderate weight on sled
(or if inside, do small sleds, seated face pull)
sandbag over a racked bar x 10 reps total
renegade rows x 6 reps 35/20

Post WOD abs
5 rounds
10 candlestick rolls to a sit up or to a jump up
20 second bent knee hollow hold or 30 second hollow hold
10 plank walkouts- walk hands out as far as you can with good tension in the core

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Every 3:00 for 12:00
bike 10/8 cals
3 reps with wreckbag in the front rack position
reverse lunge right + reverse lunge left + squat
2 reps with wreckbag
plank pull through right + plank pull through left
1 rep with wreckbag
climbing push up right + climbing push up left

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