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WOD- when a workout has rest in between rounds, we should be able to push the speed on each section of the workout. Always record times for rounds- makes you try harder.
5 Rounds
12 box step ups while holding a plate to the chest 25/15#
300/250m row
2 rope climbs
Rest 1:00

*record your slowest time on the board

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WOD- this is a mix of endurance because the wod in total is longer, but you need to be able to keep moving quickly with the 2:00 window.

3 Rounds (18:00 total running time)
0:00- 2:00 running clock
300/250m row
remaining time is max reps hang squat cleans 115/75 95/65 75/55
2:00- 3:00 rest
3:00- 5:00
15/10 cals bike
remaining time is max reps HSPU- strict or kip or piked from a box or in the downward dog position
5:00- 6:00 Rest and start over

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